James Sierra James Sierra
(Principal Teacher and co-owner)
Michele Sierra Michele Sierra
(Principal Teacher and co-owner)
James teaches a unique, dynamic interpretation of yoga asana whist drawing upon the age-old Hatha Yoga tradition. His style is dynamic, encouraging and infused with humour! James has been practising and teaching yoga for more than 30 years, including ongoing studies internationally. He is also a qualified Homeopath/Naturopath and registered nurse. James' teaching is continually fuelled by his in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and natural health. He weaves valuable insight into nutrition, diet and traditional Hatha Yoga cleansing practices throughout the yoga teacher training course. James teaches the Asana, Anatomy, Techniques & Teaching Methodology components of the teacher training course. James and Michele are co-founders of the Baulkham Hills Yoga Studio and Health Centre. Together, they have run an informed and integrated 12- month yoga teacher training program for the past 6 years. Michele brings 30 years of experience as a student and teacher of yoga to Baulkham Hills Yoga Studio. Her initial studies were undertaken in India and USA over several years and included Meditation, Eastern Philosophy and Hatha Yoga. Michele’s foundational teachers consisted of classical Indian yogis and Iyengar yoga, Feldenkrais and Alexander technique instructors. This eclectic group fostered a keen interest in the benefit of proper physical alignment and the life-affirming practices of breath work and meditation.  Michele’s classes offer a well rounded practice that blends traditional poses seamlessly with dynamic vinyasa flow to inspire vibrancy in the body and clarity of mind. Michele holds an M.A. in Cultural Psychology and offers psychological counselling and personalised yoga/meditation programs upon request. She teaches the pranayama, philosophy, yoga therapy and meditation components of the yoga teacher training at BHYS. To learn more about Michele’s work visit her website: www.intoperspective.com.au
Alyssa Benjamin Alyssa Ben Weir Ben
Alyssa has been practising yoga for nearly 25 years. “It has been my sanity”, says Alyssa. In that time she has attended classes in a variety of styles. However her primary  influence has been Iyengar. This is reflected in the attention to alignment, strength and breath in her teaching.  More recently she has incorporated Vinyasa flow sequences into her classes. Alyssa is a graduate of Baulkham Hills Yoga Teacher Training and tries to reflect the holistic approach that forms the foundation of James and Michele’s philosophy. Alyssa is a senior teacher at the Baulkham Hills Yoga Studios.

Ben Weir has been teaching at Baulkham Hills Yoga School since 2008. His Hatha / Iyengar influenced classes are welcoming to both beginners and more experienced practitioners owing to his ability to provide options for all students. Ben enjoys encouraging students to develop their full potential and through this, nurture greater confidence and a deepening level of appreciation for their bodies. His classes are taught in a clear and articulate manner focusing on alignment, and his interest in helping people inhabit their bodies more completely shines through all of his classes. 

Kathy Hansen Kathy Sue
Kathy discovered her passion for yoga 20 years ago and completed her Hatha Yoga teacher training in 2001 with IYTA. Her classes have a dedicated following due to her nurturing style and the individual encouragement she offers her students. In her classes Kathy teaches restorative and foundational yoga poses suitable for students new to yoga. She has a special interest in teaching prenatal yoga informed by her expertise as a Sonographer, specialising in women’s health, working at the SAN Hospital in Wahroonga. Kathy is a senior teacher at Baulkham Hills Yoga Studio. I’ve been practising yoga at BHYS for the last 9 years and did my teacher training with Michele & James. My experiences with yoga have reinforced the belief that anyone can do yoga and we all benefit with patience, practice and kindness. My classes focus on helping students to learn and improve foundational poses through alignment and by developing strength, flexibility and agility.  Classes incorporate static asana and flow work as well as elements of relaxation and breath work. Most importantly, though I try to promote a sense comfort and humour in the challenges of learning yoga regardless of age, ability or yoga experience. 
Saya Anjali
Saya has been teaching at Baulkham Hills Yoga School since graduating from their teacher training program. Her Hatha / Iyengar influenced classes are welcoming to both beginners and more experienced practitioners owing to her ability to provide options for all students.

She enjoys encouraging students to develop their full potential and through this, nurture greater confidence and a deepening level of appreciation for their bodies.
Her classes are taught in a clear and articulate manner focusing on alignment, and her heart-based teaching style and passion to grow a welcoming yoga community resonates throughout her classes.

Anjali’s inspiration to teach yoga came from witnessing a profound shift in her own well being through a dedicated yoga practice spanning 15 years.
As a busy mother of two, she believes yoga is a priority and act of self-care. Anjali interweaves her classes with gentle encouragement and clear instructions to integrate one’s mind, body and breath.
Her classes provide both dynamic and challenging elements, as well as nourishing, slower postures and guided relaxation.

No matter where you find yourself on your yoga journey, Anjali’s skilful teaching and bright spirited nature will support and deepen your experience of yoga.  

Nerida Monique

Nerida first experienced the benefits of yoga asana sitting on the edge of the Ganges. From there, a curiosity has grown into a deep gratitude for this ancient discipline.
Through utilising the breath with dynamic flows and gentle holds, her classes aspire to encourage an understanding of our intrinsic body-mind connection.
Pranayama and guided relaxation are offered to help settle the mind, energise the body and tune in to our innate being. As a graduate of BHY teacher training program she focuses on creative exploration with respect to the healthy functional alignment of the human body.
Nerida continues to deepen her studies pertaining to modes of complementary medicine, yoga and eastern philosophy.

Monique’s yoga journey has spanned over 20 years. She loves how yoga integrates mind, body and spirit to create a sense of wellbeing and awareness. After completing her teacher training at BHYS Monique has found that this love of yoga has transitioned smoothly into teaching yoga to people of all ages and levels.
With a calm and gentle approach, Monique is able to guide students through physical postures, breathing practices and meditation to ensure they gain the maximum benefits of their yoga practice.
During her classes, she provides students with clear and articulate instructions on alignment and variations on poses to suit all abilities. Monique’s classes are thoughtfully sequenced with a balance of challenging, energising postures that focus on strength and flexibility as well as more gentle restorative poses.
Monique sees her role as a yoga teacher a privilege and enjoys helping people find a sense of joy, wellbeing and confidence on and off the mat through the practice of yoga.